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Luther professor and Islamophobia expert publishes second edition of "The Fear of Islam"
Posted: Thu, Aug 29, 2019  12:48 PM
--by's Ben Gardner [Full Story]
Two named to Luther Board of Regents
Posted: Thu, Aug 29, 2019  12:31 PM
Walking School Bus routes have begun
Posted: Thu, Aug 29, 2019  8:42 AM
New Luther College President ushers in academic year
Posted: Wed, Aug 28, 2019  4:14 PM
A West Union business has won a statewide contest
Posted: Wed, Aug 28, 2019  3:12 PM
Luther College religion professor spars with Darwin
Posted: Wed, Aug 28, 2019  9:33 AM
--by's Ben Gardner [Full Story]
Does Winneshiek County have an opioid problem?
Posted: Tue, Aug 27, 2019  3:46 PM
Cresco man arrested on criminal mischief charge
Posted: Tue, Aug 27, 2019  3:21 PM
NICC releases its summer Dean's List
Posted: Mon, Aug 26, 2019  9:07 AM
Oneota Co-op customers donated nearly $2,000 to HSNEI
Posted: Mon, Aug 26, 2019  9:04 AM
Work on Bluffton Road will resume Monday
Posted: Sun, Aug 25, 2019  1:44 PM
City of Decorah: "Trim those trees!"
Posted: Sun, Aug 25, 2019  4:33 PM
Festina area teen stabs his mother
Posted: Fri, Aug 23, 2019  11:10 AM
Two-vehicle accident causes $2,000 in damages
Posted: Thu, Aug 22, 2019  9:49 AM
Winneshiek Medical Center has again won accreditation
Posted: Thu, Aug 22, 2019  9:09 AM
WMC Auxiliary is sponsoring a women's bowling league
Posted: Thu, Aug 22, 2019  9:04 AM
Locust Road project is moving forward
Posted: Wed, Aug 21, 2019  1:43 PM
Two-vehicle accident causes $2,500 in damages
Posted: Wed, Aug 21, 2019  8:59 AM
Des Moines man arrested for forgery and theft
Posted: Wed, Aug 21, 2019  8:56 AM
Winneshiek County Democrats to meet Thursday
Posted: Wed, Aug 21, 2019  8:47 AM
LOCAL HISTORY: Ben Bear--a man for our times
Posted: Tue, Aug 20, 2019  9:28 AM
--by's Ben Gardner [Full Story]
Decorah man arrested for OWI
Posted: Tue, Aug 20, 2019  9:34 AM
Noticing more monarch butterflies? You're not alone!
Posted: Tue, Aug 20, 2019  10:34 AM
Two-vehicle accident causes $9,000 of damage
Posted: Tue, Aug 20, 2019  9:29 AM
Decorah HS Student Kaia Neal earns a $500 scholarship
Posted: Tue, Aug 20, 2019  9:22 AM
Construction of Dahly Bridge "going well"
Posted: Mon, Aug 19, 2019  11:14 AM
Local farm Humble Hands Harvest offers unique community events
Posted: Mon, Aug 19, 2019  3:14 PM
--by's Ben Gardner [Full Story]
Fake $20 bill spotted in Winneshiek County
Posted: Sun, Aug 18, 2019  3:44 PM
John Hall art exhibit opens at Impact Coffee Bar
Posted: Sun, Aug 18, 2019  1:31 PM
--by's Ben Gardner [Full Story]
Decorah Park-Rec's fall brochure is now available
Posted: Sun, Aug 18, 2019  3:02 PM
Decorah woman arrested for OWI
Posted: Fri, Aug 16, 2019  10:41 AM
Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign begins Friday
Posted: Thu, Aug 15, 2019  8:54 AM
Decorah was not chosen as a 2019 Main Street Iowa city
Posted: Wed, Aug 14, 2019  2:34 PM
Nevada and Coon Rapids chosen instead [Full Story]
Ridgeway woman wins $30,000 in the Iowa Lottery
Posted: Wed, Aug 14, 2019  2:04 PM passes a readership milestone
Posted: Wed, Aug 14, 2019  4:53 PM
Letter to the Editor: Words Matter
Posted: Wed, Aug 14, 2019  9:07 AM
--by Decorah City Council Member Emily Neal [Full Story]
Photo of the Day: New Phelps Park wall
Posted: Wed, Aug 14, 2019  9:04 AM
UPDATE: Coon Rapids named one of the two new Main Street Iowa communities
Posted: Tue, Aug 13, 2019  2:40 PM
Decorah is in the running for the final choice [Full Story]
Comment: Decorah's Main Street Iowa application could profit from two more years of work
Posted: Mon, Aug 12, 2019  1:02 PM
--by's Paul Scott [Full Story]
Site plan for Dry Run Park wins approval
Posted: Tue, Aug 13, 2019  2:16 PM
New Kwik Star building would be larger than the Short Street Kwik Star
Posted: Mon, Aug 12, 2019  7:53 PM
Planning & Zoning Commission approves the Montgomery Street site plan [Full Story]
The first degree murder trial of Dalton Adam will likely take place outside Winneshiek County
Posted: Mon, Aug 12, 2019  4:29 PM
Prosecution does not resist defense motion to move the trial [Full Story]
Should traffic levels be considered in deciding which Decorah street to pave next?
Posted: Mon, Aug 12, 2019  1:51 PM
--by's Paul Scott [Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: "$1,500 is not all that much to do what the people actually want done"
Posted: Mon, Aug 12, 2019  9:29 AM
--by Thomas Hansen of Decorah [Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: It is hypocritical of Tom Hansen to accuse Emily Neal of divisiveness
Posted: Mon, Aug 12, 2019  9:57 AM
--by Jeff Foster of Decorah [Full Story]
Cedar Rapids man arrested for Motor Vehicle Theft
Posted: Mon, Aug 12, 2019  9:26 AM
Two-vehicle accident causes $6,500 of damage
Posted: Mon, Aug 12, 2019  9:16 AM
Traffic accident results in $6,500 of damage
Posted: Mon, Aug 12, 2019  9:09 AM
Should people outside the Decorah city limits be involved in city politics?
Posted: Sun, Aug 11, 2019  5:37 PM
--commentary by's Paul Scott [Full Story] feature: Foot-Notes celebrate 28 years
Posted: Sun, Aug 11, 2019  5:23 PM
--by's Ben Gardner [Full Story]
There will be a special election in Decorah Ward 2
Posted: Thu, Aug 8, 2019  2:35 PM
Our readers' choice for the worst street in Decorah
Posted: Thu, Aug 8, 2019  3:38 PM
Bridge northwest of Spillville reopens
Posted: Thu, Aug 8, 2019  3:25 PM
Ribbon cutting for Reiser Investments
Posted: Thu, Aug 8, 2019  5:06 PM
Decorah man arrested for violating probation
Posted: Thu, Aug 8, 2019  11:26 AM
The readers' choice for 2nd worst street in Decorah
Posted: Wed, Aug 7, 2019  2:08 PM
Immigration support march and vigil held Wednesday
Posted: Wed, Aug 7, 2019  1:43 PM
First look at the NEW Impact Coffee Bar
Posted: Tue, Aug 6, 2019  4:00 PM
Special election is possible in Decorah's Second Ward
Posted: Tue, Aug 6, 2019  11:26 AM
The readers' choice for 3rd worst street in Decorah
Posted: Tue, Aug 6, 2019  10:12 AM
Monona woman arrested on warrant
Posted: Tue, Aug 6, 2019  10:26 AM
Two vehicle accident causes $15,000 in damages
Posted: Tue, Aug 6, 2019  9:19 AM
The readers' choice for 4th worst street in Decorah
Posted: Mon, Aug 5, 2019  3:06 PM
The Decorah Running Club is growing
Posted: Mon, Aug 5, 2019  9:46 AM
Calmar Summer Kids Club attracted 77 enrollments
Posted: Mon, Aug 5, 2019  9:11 AM
Readers have many nominations for "Decorah's Worst Street"
Posted: Sun, Aug 4, 2019  3:13 PM
20 different streets have been nominated [Full Story]
Motorcyclist injured in Saturday accident
Posted: Sun, Aug 4, 2019  2:56 PM
PHOTOS OF THE DAY: Up on the roof??
Posted: Fri, Aug 2, 2019  12:20 PM
Decorah Police are searching for a Milwaukee man
Posted: Fri, Aug 2, 2019  8:40 AM
Five Police Chief candidates begin final interviews
Posted: Thu, Aug 1, 2019  6:36 PM
July was another rainy month in Decorah
Posted: Thu, Aug 1, 2019  4:40 PM
New art gallery and vintage shop opens
Posted: Thu, Aug 1, 2019  11:11 AM
--by's Ben Gardner [Full Story]
280th Avenue has been closed for a road project
Posted: Thu, Aug 1, 2019  9:13 AM