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The victim of July 12th's beating in Freeport has died
Posted: Fri, Aug 31, 2018  1:14 PM
Two teens have faced "attempted murder" charges [Full Story]
PHOTO OF THE DAY: A Decorah eagle gets a visitor
Posted: Thu, Aug 30, 2018  9:11 AM
Decorah woman injured by garbage truck
Posted: Thu, Aug 30, 2018  9:46 AM
Waukon woman arrested for Driving While Barred
Posted: Thu, Aug 30, 2018  9:45 AM
ArtHaus welcomes Lauren Bonney as Interim Director
Posted: Thu, Aug 30, 2018  9:08 AM
This fall's harvest might be a record setter after all
Posted: Wed, Aug 29, 2018  12:20 PM
Letter to the Editor: "Let's send the High School up the hill."
Posted: Tue, Aug 28, 2018  10:41 AM
--by Steven J. Olson of Decorah [Full Story]
Walmart parking lot accident causes $3,000 in damages
Posted: Tue, Aug 28, 2018  11:36 AM
Vesterheim offering after school programs for youth
Posted: Tue, Aug 28, 2018  10:17 AM
Trial of former Crestwood teacher has been delayed
Posted: Mon, Aug 27, 2018  2:27 PM
She faces charges in connection with an alleged relationship with a student [Full Story]
ATV/UTV owners meet with county supervisors
Posted: Mon, Aug 27, 2018  11:59 AM
Anxiety and depression group therapy offered at WMC
Posted: Mon, Aug 27, 2018  11:00 AM
Decorah HS baseball coach Dennis Olejniczak to retire
Posted: Mon, Aug 27, 2018  10:46 AM
Luther president: Progress is being made
Posted: Sun, Aug 26, 2018  2:13 PM
Accident causes two minor injuries
Posted: Sun, Aug 26, 2018  4:42 PM
Depot Outlet gives a $2,000 grant to the Decorah Elks
Posted: Thu, Aug 23, 2018  5:04 PM
Waukon man served failure to appear warrant
Posted: Thu, Aug 23, 2018  10:58 AM
West Union man transported to Winneshiek County jail
Posted: Wed, Aug 22, 2018  4:54 PM
Women's Bible Study will be held in September
Posted: Wed, Aug 22, 2018  11:43 AM
Trout Run Trail offers UTV tours this week
Posted: Wed, Aug 22, 2018  4:44 PM
Register for Parkinson Support Group's Annual Picnic
Posted: Wed, Aug 22, 2018  11:39 AM
Accident injures Decorah man
Posted: Wed, Aug 22, 2018  7:29 AM
The City of Decorah has a new police officer
Posted: Tue, Aug 21, 2018  2:37 PM
Luther professor studies forgiveness
Posted: Tue, Aug 21, 2018  9:54 AM
Decorah Police share school safety tips
Posted: Tue, Aug 21, 2018  10:00 AM
Gundersen helicopter hangar lease approved
Posted: Mon, Aug 20, 2018  6:02 PM
Classes start Thursday at North Winneshiek
Posted: Mon, Aug 20, 2018  7:14 PM
Dug Road has been repaved
Posted: Mon, Aug 20, 2018  12:48 PM
Who will win "The Battle of the Badges?"
Posted: Sun, Aug 19, 2018  8:26 AM
Luther College is starting a "Community Music School"
Posted: Sun, Aug 19, 2018  8:08 AM
Fort Atkinson man has died in a tractor accident
Posted: Fri, Aug 17, 2018  3:20 PM
Ossian man accused of assault
Posted: Fri, Aug 17, 2018  9:40 AM
Cresco man arrested for allegedly violating probation
Posted: Fri, Aug 17, 2018  9:43 AM
Public helps to capture a thief in Calmar
Posted: Thu, Aug 16, 2018  11:05 AM
Nordic Fest Board is looking for community feedback
Posted: Thu, Aug 16, 2018  9:16 AM
Beware of Blue Cross Blue Shield phone scam
Posted: Wed, Aug 15, 2018  9:14 AM
What's next for the Menard's rezoning application?
Posted: Tue, Aug 14, 2018  11:07 AM
Comment: "OK, I was wrong about the Planning & Zoning Commission"
Posted: Tue, Aug 14, 2018  11:04 AM
--by's Paul Scott [Full Story]
Photo of the day: What sunflowers tell us
Posted: Tue, Aug 14, 2018  11:03 AM
--by Joyce Meyer of Spillville [Full Story]
Senior Farmer's Market checks are still available through Northeast Iowa Area Agency on Aging
Posted: Tue, Aug 14, 2018  9:44 AM
Can be picked up Wednesday afternoon at the Fartmers Market [Full Story]
Register now for the Healthiest State Annual Walk
Posted: Tue, Aug 14, 2018  9:31 AM
Fort Atkinson man arrested on a sexual abuse charge
Posted: Mon, Aug 13, 2018  2:21 PM
Decorah woman arrested for drunk driving
Posted: Mon, Aug 13, 2018  2:19 PM
Collision with deer causes $2,500 of damage
Posted: Mon, Aug 13, 2018  9:22 AM
Letter to the Editor: Take the Decorah Fiber Pledge
Posted: Sun, Aug 12, 2018  11:34 AM
Feature story: Three women at Wellington Place are celebrating turning 100 years old
Posted: Thu, Aug 9, 2018  10:34 AM
--by's Sara Peterson [Full Story]
Decorah's City Forester resigns
Posted: Thu, Aug 9, 2018  10:10 AM
ISU Extension dairy webinars are availble online
Posted: Wed, Aug 8, 2018  9:06 AM
One vehicle involved in a rollover accident
Posted: Wed, Aug 8, 2018  8:45 AM
Shoulder work remains for North Winn Road project
Posted: Mon, Aug 6, 2018  4:40 PM
Decorah man arrested for Driving While Barred
Posted: Mon, Aug 6, 2018  8:39 AM
Is there a database of Winneshiek County homes that have been used as meth labs?
Posted: Thu, Aug 2, 2018  1:45 PM
Mr. Answer Person discusses the question [Full Story]
Authorities ask for help in identifying a burglar
Posted: Sun, Aug 5, 2018  3:12 PM
A new barber will begin working in Decorah
Posted: Sun, Aug 5, 2018  12:39 PM
$30,000 grant will help to digitize county newspapers
Posted: Sun, Aug 5, 2018  12:29 PM
Northeast Iowa RSVP is looking for volunteers
Posted: Thu, Aug 2, 2018  11:11 AM
Colorectal cancer screening guidelines have changed
Posted: Thu, Aug 2, 2018  9:44 AM
Wet weather continued in Decorah in July
Posted: Wed, Aug 1, 2018  4:33 PM
Survey shows Trout Run Trail is very popular
Posted: Wed, Aug 1, 2018  10:06 AM
Four criminal charges filed against a Decorah man
Posted: Wed, Aug 1, 2018  11:05 AM
Car hit by bicycle in crosswalk
Posted: Wed, Aug 1, 2018  9:54 AM
Dug Road Trail repaving project will begin soon
Posted: Wed, Aug 1, 2018  9:18 AM