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Calmar pizza restaurant is moving to Decorah
Posted: Mon, Dec 31, 2018  10:08 AM
Christmas wrapping paper should not be recycled
Posted: Fri, Dec 28, 2018  11:37 AM
The Top 10 Local News Stories of 2018: #8 and #7
Posted: Thu, Dec 27, 2018  3:23 PM
Man arrested in Decorah on public intoxication charge
Posted: Fri, Dec 28, 2018  8:37 AM
Decorah man arrested on drunk driving charge
Posted: Thu, Dec 27, 2018  9:05 AM
The Top 10 Local News Stories of 2018: #10 and #9
Posted: Wed, Dec 26, 2018  3:05 PM
Letter to the Editor: Count all the votes
Posted: Wed, Dec 26, 2018  3:25 PM
--by former Decorah resident Jono Ruf [Full Story]
Spillville man arrested by Sheriff's Deputies
Posted: Wed, Dec 26, 2018  11:20 AM
Here's what happened at Thursday afternoon's House District 55 court hearing
Posted: Thu, Dec 20, 2018  3:53 PM
--by Rox Laird of Des Moines for [Full Story]
Ridgeway man sentenced in Domestic Abuse/Assault case
Posted: Thu, Dec 20, 2018  5:17 PM
Donlon Pharmacy now offering free HIV testing
Posted: Wed, Dec 19, 2018  11:04 AM
Early retirement package approved for teachers
Posted: Wed, Dec 19, 2018  10:07 PM
Veterans are being warned about scams
Posted: Wed, Dec 19, 2018  9:00 AM
Car vs. deer collision causes $5,000 of damage
Posted: Wed, Dec 19, 2018  9:31 AM
Decorah man cited for shoplifting at Wal-Mart
Posted: Wed, Dec 19, 2018  9:29 AM
Owners of Nordic Express say they plan to reopen
Posted: Tue, Dec 18, 2018  1:28 PM
But it could take three to four weeks to recover from Monday's fire [Full Story]
City of Decorah recognizes long-time employees
Posted: Tue, Dec 18, 2018  12:56 PM
Letter to the Editor: Make sure votes are properly counted
Posted: Mon, Dec 17, 2018  4:38 PM
--by Bob Puffer of Decorah [Full Story]
WMC "Light for Life" runs through the end of December
Posted: Mon, Dec 17, 2018  9:47 AM
Cresco man arrested arrested on drug charges
Posted: Mon, Dec 17, 2018  8:42 AM
Fire strikes the Nordic Express
Posted: Mon, Dec 17, 2018  6:14 AM
Letter to the Editor: "Absentee voting process needs reform"
Posted: Sun, Dec 16, 2018  5:14 PM
--by Dominque Bockman of Decorah, whose ballot is one of 29 ballots that have not been counted so far in the Iowa House District 55 election [Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: "I am satisfied with the job done by my friend Ben Steines"
Posted: Sun, Dec 16, 2018  5:07 PM
--by Clinton County Auditor & Commissioner of Elections Eric Van Lancker [Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: Flaws of current ballot counting law have been revealed
Posted: Sun, Dec 16, 2018  4:12 PM
--by Jonathon Struve of Decorah [Full Story]
100+ organizations present a check to Toys Go 'Round
Posted: Sun, Dec 16, 2018  3:48 PM
Investigation is underway in Fort Atkinson
Posted: Fri, Dec 14, 2018  12:52 PM
Decorah man arrested on public intoxication charge
Posted: Fri, Dec 14, 2018  9:36 AM
Three people arrested on drug charges in Calmar
Posted: Thu, Dec 13, 2018  9:37 AM
Spillville Library gets a visit from Santa
Posted: Wed, Dec 12, 2018  2:43 PM
Seelinger's murder trial postponed again
Posted: Tue, Dec 11, 2018  9:20 AM
County Compensation Board recommends 4 percent pay raises for most county elected officials
Posted: Tue, Dec 11, 2018  4:09 PM
The Board recommends a 5 percent pay raise for Sheriff Dan Marx [Full Story]
CFS kindergartners enjoy "Pizza with a Deputy"
Posted: Mon, Dec 10, 2018  9:19 AM
Photo of the Day: A frosty morning in Decorah
Posted: Mon, Dec 10, 2018  10:32 AM
Gas prices continue to fall across Iowa
Posted: Thu, Dec 6, 2018  10:30 AM
Kerndt Brothers Insurance donates new ice saw
Posted: Thu, Dec 6, 2018  10:19 AM
Winneshiek County asks judge: Which 33 ballots?
Posted: Wed, Dec 5, 2018  2:27 PM
Ridgeway man pleads guilty to domestic abuse charge
Posted: Wed, Dec 5, 2018  11:07 AM
Safety message from Black Hills Energy
Posted: Tue, Dec 4, 2018  10:19 AM
An Iowa District Judge orders the Post Office to examine 33 Winneshiek County mail-in ballots
Posted: Mon, Dec 3, 2018  10:39 AM
Democrat Kayla Koether's request for an injunction against the State Canvass Board is denied, but her petition for action on the mail-in ballots is granted [Full Story]
The holidays are coming soon. Here's how to talk politics with your uncle!
Posted: Sun, Dec 2, 2018  3:39 PM
Decorah residents got tips over the weekend from a Minnesota resident [Full Story]
It was wet again in Decorah in November
Posted: Sun, Dec 2, 2018  3:06 PM
Precipitation total from last eight months is 20 inches above normal [Full Story]
Oneota Co-op will be getting a new look
Posted: Sun, Dec 2, 2018  2:59 PM