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Numerous new laws go into effect in Iowa on Monday
Posted: Sun, Jun 30, 2019  2:38 PM
Decorah State Representative Michael Bergan says the laws are the results of a "productive" 2019 State Legislature session [Full Story]
Winneshiek Medical Center lost money in May
Posted: Fri, Jun 28, 2019  8:13 AM
Statement by Sheriff Dan Marx about river rescues
Posted: Thu, Jun 27, 2019  5:05 PM
Summer has arrived; here's how to survive
Posted: Thu, Jun 27, 2019  4:12 PM
RSVP needs more volunteers to meet increasing needs
Posted: Thu, Jun 27, 2019  3:20 PM
Another rescue on the Upper Iowa River
Posted: Thu, Jun 27, 2019  6:28 AM
Decorah native named to head Iowa DNR
Posted: Wed, Jun 26, 2019  2:02 PM
EARL Public Transit's dispatch manager honored
Posted: Wed, Jun 26, 2019  3:50 PM
Iowa DNR says New Albin boat access is still closed
Posted: Wed, Jun 26, 2019  2:16 PM
100+ Men donates to the Winneshiek Energy District
Posted: Tue, Jun 25, 2019  9:14 AM
Waukon man ticketed following accident
Posted: Mon, Jun 24, 2019  10:42 AM
Decorah man arrested on intoxication charge
Posted: Mon, Jun 24, 2019  10:45 AM
Arrest made in graffiti at Palisades Park
Posted: Sun, Jun 23, 2019  3:59 PM
Letter to the Editor: We in Decorah need to work on ways to respect one another while disagreeing
Posted: Sun, Jun 23, 2019  4:02 PM
--a joint Letter to the Editor by Decorah City Council member Ross Hadley and by owner Paul Scott [Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: Iowa law says government property can't be used for political purposes
Posted: Sun, Jun 23, 2019  3:54 PM
--by Bill McBay of Decorah [Full Story]
Carlson Park now has a parking lot
Posted: Sun, Jun 23, 2019  3:47 PM
Dug Road Trail has reopened
Posted: Sun, Jun 23, 2019  3:43 PM
Alliant Energy announces grants to non-profits in Decorah and NE Iowa
Posted: Sun, Jun 23, 2019  3:37 PM
Decorah nonprofits receive $8,000 from Alliant Energy Foundation [Full Story]
Accident causes $4,000 in damages
Posted: Sun, Jun 23, 2019  3:35 PM
Toys Go 'Round announces its new location
Posted: Thu, Jun 20, 2019  4:58 PM
Will reopen its doors in a couple of weeks [Full Story]
Folk Art exhibit starts at Vesterheim
Posted: Thu, Jun 20, 2019  10:05 AM
Decorah man arrested for O.W.I.
Posted: Thu, Jun 20, 2019  9:44 AM
Decorah man charged with assault
Posted: Thu, Jun 20, 2019  9:37 AM
After more than 30 years in school administration, Decorah Community Schools Superintendent Mike Haluska retires next week
Posted: Tue, Jun 18, 2019  9:39 AM
He shares his thoughts with's Bob Felde [Full Story]
New location for Toys Go 'Round will be announced soon
Posted: Tue, Jun 18, 2019  10:40 AM
New site is being discussed for veterans memorial
Posted: Tue, Jun 18, 2019  3:33 PM
Decorah businesses pass Tobacco Compliance Checks
Posted: Mon, Jun 17, 2019  9:43 AM
NICC releases Spring Dean's List
Posted: Mon, Jun 17, 2019  9:35 AM
Murder trial will not be held in Decorah
Posted: Sat, Jun 15, 2019  2:43 PM
Should Decorah have a roundabout? It already had one!
Posted: Sun, Jun 16, 2019  2:13 PM
Decorah HS Class of 1984 announces reunion plans
Posted: Sun, Jun 16, 2019  2:59 PM
Decorah man faces domestic abuse charge
Posted: Fri, Jun 14, 2019  8:25 AM
Decorah named Iowa's "Most Charming Small Town"
Posted: Thu, Jun 13, 2019  3:52 PM
NY Times ad features the cancer journey of a Decorah resident
Posted: Thursday, Jun 13, 2019  11:19 AM
Cresco woman arrested for probation violation
Posted: Thu, Jun 13, 2019  8:35 AM
Oneota Community Coop celebrates store remodel
Posted: Thu, Jun 13, 2019  10:27 AM
Rescue Task Force training held in Decorah
Posted: Mon, Jun 10, 2019  10:04 AM
Reservations needed for Sons of Norway supper
Posted: Wed, Jun 12, 2019  11:15 AM
Lawn Chair Night schedule is announced
Posted: Wed, Jun 12, 2019  8:25 AM
When will the outbreak of little black bugs end?
Posted: Tue, Jun 11, 2019  11:16 AM
Planning & Zoning Commission rejects petition to rezone property along Old Stage Road
Posted: Mon, Jun 10, 2019  8:16 PM
Votes 3-3 to turn the former proposed Menards location into C-4 shopping center commercial [Full Story]
"Old" Decorah Community School Board is now history
Posted: Mon, Jun 10, 2019  9:31 PM
Routine business conducted as old board wraps up its duties [Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: Sidewalks are always right, legally and civically
Posted: Sun, Jun 9, 2019  12:26 PM
--by Decorah resident Aaron J. Detter, AICP [Full Story]
Monona woman arrested in Decorah for OWI
Posted: Sun, Jun 9, 2019  7:08 AM
Highway 52 in Minnesota detour resumes Monday
Posted: Sun, Jun 9, 2019  11:39 AM
Searchers find the last missing Decorah eaglet
Posted: Sun, Jun 9, 2019  7:08 AM
A third bald eagle has fallen off a tree
Posted: Fri, Jun 7, 2019  9:30 AM
Two have been found, one is still missing [Full Story]
City council members are critical of Alliant Energy
Posted: Tue, Jun 4, 2019  9:42 AM
"We've made no progress" on franchise agreement [Full Story]
"MAGA" flags, round two
Posted: Thu, Jun 6, 2019  5:06 PM
Volunteers plant flowers on the Vesterheim campus
Posted: Thu, Jun 6, 2019  4:59 PM
"Suds and Stories" begins
Posted: Thu, Jun 6, 2019  4:42 PM
Master Gardeners plant trees at Vennehjem
Posted: Thu, Jun 6, 2019  4:31 PM
Another delay in the trial of Dalton Adam
Posted: Wed, Jun 5, 2019  4:52 PM
But the judge in the case sets "a final pretrial conference" [Full Story]
Iowa DNR: Newborn deer should be left alone!
Posted: Wed, Jun 5, 2019  5:30 PM
Some progress being made on repairing county roads
Posted: Wed, Jun 5, 2019  5:03 PM
Decorah HS graduate named National Merit Scholar
Posted: Wed, Jun 5, 2019  9:29 AM
New program in Decorah recycles old hearing aids
Posted: Wed, Jun 5, 2019  3:11 PM
Letter to the Editor: A suggestion on how to solve the flag controversy
Posted: Tue, Jun 4, 2019  4:46 PM
--by C. Dennis Ohlert of Decorah [Full Story]
Kids Lunch Club program begins its fourth summer
Posted: Tue, Jun 4, 2019  1:40 PM
Traffic accident leads to ticket
Posted: Tue, Jun 4, 2019  10:58 AM
Local SHIIP program warns of Medicare scam
Posted: Tue, Jun 4, 2019  8:40 AM
Work is beginning on replacing the Dahly Bridge
Posted: Mon, Jun 3, 2019  1:56 PM
Letters to the Editor about streets and sidewalks
Posted: Mon, Jun 3, 2019  2:30 PM
Letters to the Editor about displaying "MAGA" flags
Posted: Mon, Jun 3, 2019  2:17 PM
May in Decorah was extremely rainy!
Posted: Mon, Jun 3, 2019  8:32 AM
Ten more veterans receive Quilts of Valor
Posted: Mon, Jun 3, 2019  1:05 PM
Chris and Emily Norton will be heading back to Decorah July 1st
Posted: Sun, Jun 2, 2019  4:16 PM
They've written a book about the injury suffered by the former Luther football player and his walk down the aisle with Emily [Full Story]