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Luther's Mock Trial Team qualifies for nationals
Posted: Mon, Feb 28, 2011  4:48 PM
$1.6 million for a new bridge in Bluffton
Posted: Sun, Feb 27, 2011  3:27 PM
Will Middle East democracy cost us at the gas pump?
Posted: Sun, Feb 27, 2011  3:16 PM
Foreign policy expert visiting Luther College says we still need to support democractic groups [Full Story] reader makes suggestion about future searches
Posted: Sun, Feb 27, 2011  2:57 PM
Responds to Mr. Answer Person's column about death of Luther student [Full Story]
ExCel Scholarship Applications Available
Posted: Sun, Feb 27, 2011  2:53 PM
Decorah 8th grader advances in Geography Bee
Posted: Sat, Feb 26, 2011  5:51 PM
First bald eagle egg of the season has been laid
Posted: Thu, Feb 24, 2011  1:56 PM
Monday Club makes donation to Decorah Library
Posted: Wed, Feb 23, 2011  5:17 PM
NICC Board approves 2012 budget
Posted: Wed, Feb 23, 2011  10:32 AM
But Dr. Penny Wills warns more cuts are needed [Full Story]
Decorah will host a summer tractor ride
Posted: Tue, Feb 22, 2011  4:24 PM
Ask Mr. Answer Person about dogs running loose
Posted: Tue, Feb 22, 2011  4:21 PM
One car accident sends Decorah teen to hospital
Posted: Tue, Feb 22, 2011  11:11 AM
City council approves Meehan & Schwartz site plan
Posted: Mon, Feb 21, 2011  9:10 PM
County contract talks nearing resolution
Posted: Mon, Feb 21, 2011  4:36 PM
County board schedules budget hearing
Posted: Mon, Feb 21, 2011  11:29 AM
Vesterheim nows has "virtual gallery"
Posted: Mon, Feb 21, 2011  4:14 PM
NICC Calmar students place well at ag competition
Posted: Mon, Feb 21, 2011  4:29 PM
Narcotics Anonymous forms Decorah chapter
Posted: Tue, Feb 22, 2011  8:59 AM
Luther alumnus visiting Luther
Posted: Mon, Feb 21, 2011  3:55 PM
Park-Rec spring brochures are now available
Posted: Mon, Feb 21, 2011  3:50 PM
DHS speech students do well at All-State
Posted: Mon, Feb 21, 2011  6:58 AM
Jason Derulo to perform at Luther College
Posted: Mon, Feb 21, 2011  6:24 AM
Iowa sex offender registry adds "Most Wanted" feature
Posted: Mon, Feb 21, 2011  6:20 AM
Decorah Fire Department needs more firefighters
Posted: Sun, Feb 20, 2011  9:35 PM
Duane Bruening donates map to Decorah Library
Posted: Sun, Feb 20, 2011  9:36 PM
City of Decorah property tax mill rate to stay the same for 2012
Posted: Thu, Feb 17, 2011  9:04 PM
City council ends six hour meeting by setting mill rate at $12,54 [Full Story]
Dragonfly Books opens in downtown Decorah
Posted: Thu, Feb 17, 2011  8:00 PM
Vesterheim receives furniture from Peale estate
Posted: Thu, Feb 17, 2011  7:54 PM
Weather Service says flooding threat this spring is still "much above average"
Posted: Thu, Feb 17, 2011  10:29 AM
Forecasters say this week's melt off doesn't change the overall picture [Full Story]
Library discussion group begins Thursday
Posted: Wed, Feb 16, 2011  6:22 PM
Luther College grants tenure to 11 people
Posted: Tue, Feb 15, 2011  9:15 PM
Also announces 13 promotions [Full Story]
"Biz Booster Challenge" returns
Posted: Tue, Feb 15, 2011  5:39 PM
State Medical Examiner's Office issues report in death of Luther student
Posted: Mon, Feb 14, 2011  2:30 PM
Hypothermia ruled as cause of death [Full Story]
Complete text of Decorah Police Department release
Posted: Mon, Feb 14, 2011  2:44 PM
School Board says graduation is academic recognition
Posted: Mon, Feb 14, 2011  9:08 PM
Home schooled students and foreign exchange students won't be recognized [Full Story]
School calendar set for 2011-12
Posted: Mon, Feb 14, 2011  9:06 PM
Winneshiek Medical Center is awarded accreditation
Posted: Mon, Feb 14, 2011  8:57 PM
Decorah native announces film distribution deal
Posted: Mon, Feb 14, 2011  8:54 PM
Volunteers sought for Decorah Reads!
Posted: Sun, Feb 13, 2011  4:45 PM
Luther College graduate Michal Rahfaldt on campus Feb. 13-19
Posted: Thu, Feb 10, 2011  6:29 PM
Sense of Vocation and the Center for Ethics and Public Life are hosts [Full Story]
Sheriff's Department warns of new scam
Posted: Wed, Feb 9, 2011  8:01 PM
Decorah Police Department has new website
Posted: Wed, Feb 9, 2011  7:59 PM
Decorah is doing well in 100 Day Wellness Challenge
Posted: Tue, Feb 8, 2011  5:51 PM
The Depot Outlet releases its 2010 annual report
Posted: Tue, Feb 8, 2011  5:35 PM
New Minowa Players are offering a scholarship
Posted: Tue, Feb 8, 2011  5:26 PM
Traditions Management loses its bid for assisted living development in Riverwalk subdivision
Posted: Tue, Feb 8, 2011  5:29 AM
Decorah City Council unanimously rejects easement vacation and site plan [Full Story]
Luther receives $169,000 grant
Posted: Mon, Feb 7, 2011  5:46 PM
Three Decorah HS students do well at Science Bowl
Posted: Mon, Feb 7, 2011  5:43 PM
only on Injured Luther football player Chris Norton is still making progress in his recovery
Posted: Sun, Feb 6, 2011  2:37 PM
Mayo doctors call him "the hardest working patient we've ever had" [Full Story]
NE Iowa Peace & Justice Center is now open
Posted: Sun, Feb 6, 2011  1:50 PM
Veterans Administration says "no" to Winneshiek Medical Center
Posted: Wed, Feb 2, 2011  8:57 PM
Will not use the local hospital for any services [Full Story]
January was cold and dry in Decorah
Posted: Thu, Feb 3, 2011  8:44 AM
Winneshiek Medical Center continues to show a net gain
Posted: Wed, Feb 2, 2011  8:47 PM
But December's figures are lower than budgeted [Full Story]
Wilhelm says she supports PACE legislation
Posted: Wed, Feb 2, 2011  4:33 PM
Winneshiek Cattlemen to offer scholarship
Posted: Tue, Feb 1, 2011  9:07 PM
Decorah HS Community Club is recognized
Posted: Tue, Feb 1, 2011  8:57 PM