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Decorah lawyer Laura Parrish is sworn in as Northeast Iowa's newest judge

Posted: Fri, Dec 20, 2019 4:26 PM
Laura Parrish takes the judicial oath of office as her parents stand by her side

It's official.  Decorah attorney Laura Parrish is now First Judicial District Court Judge Laura Parrish.

At a ceremony Friday afternoon at the Winneshiek County Courthouse, fellow judge John Bauercamper read the oath of office to Parrish.  Bauercamper led the commission which interviewed candidates for the judicial opening--an opening which he created by deciding to retire after serving for 33 years as a judge in Northeast Iowa.

Parrish told those attending the ceremony that she was happy to see people from all aspects of her life.  She gave a special mention to the other judges in the courtroom, saying, "I am very honored to join all of you."