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UPDATE: NICC to proceed with vote on levy renewal

Posted: Wed, Apr 17, 2013 1:49 PM

The NICC Board of Trustees has passed a resolution authorizing NICC to proceed with placing the renewal of its 20.25 cent facilities tax levy on the September 10th school board ballot.

NICC vice president of Finance and Administration John Noel explained that this tax levy is valid for a ten-year period and has to be renewed by a simple majority of district voters in order for the levy to be continue for another ten years. This levy has already been renewed seven times since it began in 1966.  The new levy would remain unchanged from the current levy of 20.25 cents per thousand dollars of assessed valuation.

Because this facilities tax levy is already part of the 93 cent total tax rate that NICC will be assessing in 2013-14, approval by voters to renew the levy will not increase taxes.