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WMC Secret Santas benefit local families in need

Posted: Tue, Dec 27, 2011 5:39 PM

A new twist to the traditional "Secret Santa" gift exchange will benefit local families in need this holiday season.  The Winneshiek Medical Center Scheduling/Reception and Registration departments replaced their departmental gift exchange with a call to fill boxes with non-perishable items.  The 22 staff members filled 15 boxes, which were then donated Northeast Iowa Community Action for appropriate distribution.

Sarah Wyatt, the manager of both departments says, "Our scheduling and registration staff interact with patients on a daily basis and see the needs that exist in the community.  Each department agreed the money traditionally spent on a Secret Santa gift could be put to much better use, and were motivated by the direct opportunity to help others."

Pictured above:

Front, left right: Tina Macintosh, Tressa McCabe, Jamie Brummond, Darci Meyer, Erin Plein, Kimberly Vorwald, and Kayla Massman.
Back, left right: Lorna Sande, Karen Rasmussen, Jenna Halweg, Valerie Lyons, Lisa Costello, Sarah Wyatt and Tara Mangrich.
Not pictured: Julie Brainard, Kim Novak, Paula Gustaffson, Rachael Albertson-Andera, Tina Rahlf, April Brown, Christina Pattison, and Judy Lonning.