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Decorah students attend honor choir

Posted: Sun, Dec 11, 2011 1:16 PM
(First row, left to right): Loden Henning, Ben Leschensky, Cameron DeLong, Sophie Weis, Linnea Carlson, Helen Johnson and Anna Spencer. (Second row, left to right): Adam Krieger, Gable Lonning, Paul Fadness, Micheal Foster, Autumn DeLong, Katelyn Yee and Jada Vanden Brink. (Third row, left to right): Andrew Larson, Connor Freeman, Adam Knight, Linnea Kephart, Laurel Fadness, Ashley Schwartzhoff, and Brianna Doyle (Fourth row, left to right): Tim Winter, Garret Baumler, Karin Martin-Hiner, Jason Rausch, Dean Beckman, Tyler Dostal, and Reese Drenth. (Not Pictured): Ayla Carbonell, Erik Carbonell and Ryan Hageman.

28 Decorah area students recently took part in the Opus Honor Choir Festival.  Directors nominated over 3,400 students for 720 positions in the four Opus Honor Choirs.  Selections were made by means of a recorded audition.

14 students were selected from Decorah Middle School by recordings submitted by Dean Beckman.  Eight students and one alternate were selected through recordings submitted by Jason Rausch at the Decorah High School.  Five more students were selected through auditions submitted by Linda Martin of the Oneota Valley Youth Choirs.

5th Grade:    Cameron DeLong and Sophie Weis

6th Grade:    Ayla Carbonell

7th Grade:      Helen Johnson, Adam Krieger, Ben Leschensky,
and Anna Spencer

8th Grade:     Linnea Carlson, Autumn DeLong, Brianna Doyle, Laurel Fadness, Loden Henning, Andrew Larson, Ashley Schwartzhoff, Tim Winter, Garret Baumler, Erik Carbonell, Jada Vanden Brink and Katelyn Yee. 

9th Grade:    Tyler Dostal, Reese Drenth, Paul Fadness, Micheal Foster,
Connor Freeman, Ryan Hageman (alternate), Linnea Kephart, Adam Knight, and Gable Lonning

8th grader Loden Henning was selected to sing in a small group that performed with the 7th & 8th Grade Boys Honor Choir during the festival concert.  He was one of nine boys selected from across the state of Iowa for this honor.