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Architects present phased schedule of high school project to School Board

Posted: Mon, Jan 10, 2011 9:41 PM

The Decorah Community School Board listened to a detailed presentation by Nick Hildebrandt of StruXture Architects regarding the proposed phases of the high school additions and renovation project. The plan includes four phases, with some overlap in the phases and room for flexibility as the project develops and contractors become involved in the plan. Highlights of the phases and approximate dates include:

Phase 1, May 2011 August 2012. Construction of the new vocational classroom building, competition gymnasium and varsity locker rooms; renovation of main and second floor toilet areas; remodeling of the Media Center; remodeling classrooms above the Media Center; electrical, mechanical and boiler room work; reconstruction of office and front entry; demolition of existing metals lab to create corridor to new vocational building.

Phase 2, December 2011 January 2013. Various classroom and student support center renovation; kitchen remodeling work (new location); conversion of existing gym into commons area; demolition of some locker areas; remodeling of lockers, fitness and weight room areas.

Phase 3, June 2012 December 2013. Work on main corridor; art and health/life skills, science rooms renovation; remodel area between existing gym and new gym; business lab, study hall, student success center renovation; convert part of existing commons to orchestra space.

Phase 4, December 2012 December 2013. Mechanical updates in auditorium; conversion of existing kitchen to Life Skills and Life Skills kitchen area; remodeling multiple classrooms; refreshing practice gym and music areas.

StruXture hopes to release bids by March of this year, with work hopefully beginning in May. Realignment of the circle drive in front of the high school should also be completed this summer. The latest version of the plan hopes to avoid the construction of temporary classroom sites in the existing gym area, although plans could be altered as contractors define their processes. Much of the specific classroom renovation will occur during summer months. The School Board will delay planning of John Cline renovation until the bid process on the high school is completed.