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New Minowa Players announces cast for October production

Posted: Mon, Sep 11, 2017 11:43 AM

The cast has been announced for the New Minowa Players' production of "What To Do."

The show is is a humorous twist on the story of Rapunzel, including the story of Cap-o'-Rushes. It will be performed October 19th through the 22nd.

Rapunzel will be played by Nora Lesmeister,  her father by Amelia Wadsworth, her mother by Ivy Sullivan, the witch by Becca Kane and the prince by Dylan Elsbernd.

Other members of the cast are Henry Weis, Hannah Arendt, Wyndsor Awad, Simon Mumford, Baylee Schneider, Ava Bahr, Colton Elsbernd, Bryce Elsbernd, Nessa Kane, Bella Sailor, Ruby Sullivan, Max Wilson, Moira Zierath, Shepard Harman-Wood, Olivia Paulsen, Elsa Johnson, Renae Wilson, Naomi Pedlar, Mason Myers, Margret Zook, Brighton Awad, Logan Nalean-Carlson, Lilly Sailor and Rachel Weis.