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DAR hears about archeological digs from Carol Hasvold

Posted: Thu, Sep 17, 2015 4:40 PM

What's it like to go on an archaeological dig?  DAR Hannah Lee Chapter member Carol Hasvold shared her experiences at a recent DAR meeting in Decorah.
She took part two summers at Native American sites near Mason City and another year in the back yard at the governor's mansion, Terrace Hill, in Des Moines.  After those experiences she was accepted as a team member on an excavation in Israel.  Her area of expertise became stone tools.
Hasvold explained the importance of pottery in archaeological excavation.  Methods of pottery construction in use throughout history are a major source of timeline identification at these historic dig sites.
Her presentation included the kind of buckets they used to hold the diggings along with the identification required on each, actual blades and pottery shards gleaned from back fill sites or dumps, as well as samples of the forms the team members completed with each find.