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OHFA: East Side materials are being reused in numerous locations

Posted: Sun, Aug 31, 2014 9:12 AM

The Oneota Historic Future Alliance is trying to sell the remaining recycled materials from the former East Side School is Decorah.

OHFA officials say quite a bit of the material has already been sold for reuse.  They point to the gazebo in the Water Street Park; work done on the John and Virginia Strauss property near Phelps Park; and Linda Elkin's major earth retaining wall behind her house on Maple Avenue.

East Side materials have also been used in the Koren-Bussness-Viste rebuilt log home at Pepperfield, in a two story rebuilt log home on the Cutting Farm, in Kristin and Scott Propson's home on Maple, in the Relf Building downtown by Nori and Ross Hadley, in Mary and Peter Jorgensen's home addition top of Day Street and in Rob and Julie Fischer's home entrance portico on West Main Street.

For more information about available East Side School material, contact Deborah Bishop at (563) 379-6037 (cell) or (563) 387-6905 (home).