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Park-Rec Board discusses Trout Run Trail signage

Posted: Fri, Jan 21, 2011 10:45 AM

The Trout Run Trail recreational trail is expected to be completed in another year and a half. So the Decorah Parks & Recreation Board turned its attention Thursday night to the signs that will be necessary to show out of town tourists how to handle the trail.

There are three different types of signs that must be put up. The first, and most obvious, are the directional signs that show people where they are on the trail. This would also include signs off the trail that show visitors how to get to the trail.

Another kind of sign will be trail etiquette signs--signs that tell people to keep their dogs on a leash or signs that tell people to announce their presence when they're passing someone.

A third kind of sign is donor recognition signs. These will recognize the people who have given money to have benches or other amenities named after someone, or even those who have donated to have part of the trail named after someone.

Park-Rec Board members are planning for a July 2012 completion of the Trout Run Trail. They want to have signage ready to go at that time.